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Baked Lasagne - Grill Fella's Catering Whittier, CA
When you're hungry, and craving the best BBQ food in the Whittier and San Diego CA area, look no further than Grill Fella's Catering! Since 2003, we have been offering the food you want, the prices you're looking for and the customer service that will keep you calling us time and again.

Our specialty is wood fire cooking for mouthwatering barbeque that comes with all the fixings. With over 12 years of experience, we pride ourselves in making your food fast and fresh when you order it. From authentic Santa Maria style BBQ to tender Tri-Tip Rib Eye Steaks and juicy chicken grilled over a live red oak wood fire, we have the barbeque experience you crave.

At Grill Fella's Catering, we have the highest grilling standards and that's why no lighter fluid or propane is ever used in the preparation of our meats. Grill Fella's Catering will never boil, bake or steam our meats either. We use only a combination of all-natural woods when we grill in order to bring out the natural flavor in our meats. As any fellow member of The BBQ Brethren would agree, when smoking meats, low and slow is key! Our St. Louis style spare ribs and Carolina Pulled Pork are seasoned with our homemade special rubs and spices and then smoked for hours using a combination of Apple, Cherry and Peach Wood. No BBQ would be complete without our homemade BBQ sauce and don't forget about our homemade sides that are authentically delicious and made fresh for each event.

Call us today at 562-659-4641 for what you crave!